Sunday, May 04, 2008

7th Sunday of Easter

We have reached the end of the Easter season.

Last night the Kid and I were perusing the channels trying to find something worthwhile to watch when we happened to come across Chronicles of Narnia.

I know that they were showing this great show not because it is the end of Easter but rather because the second movie is coming out this month, May 16th to be exact. I do find it slightly interesting the timing though.

I read the books as a child and I never really understood all the symbolism, for as many of you know I grew up as one of the great un-churched. Seeing the stories now and knowing the background makes such a different impact.

There are two parts of the Narnia story that came back to me as I was listening to today's lesson and sermon (for full sermon see hubby's blog) 1. When the children see Aslan ride off for the final time and Lucy wonders and asks if she will ever see him again and 2. when Lucy tries to go back to Narnia only to be told to that she will probably not be able to go back the same way that she entered before.

Like the disciples and Lucy, we don't have time to sit and stare after our savior wondering when will we see him again? When will he come back? Instead we have things on this earth that we were given to do in His name. Don't dilly dally, get 'em done.

We can't go backward either. Things in the past may have been easier, or less challenging, or less complicated, or even better, but that doesn't mean that we can go back the way we came. We must keep going on the road that we are traveling. Eventually we will come through the gravel road and back onto the paved smooth road but until then we have to endure the bumps and ruts in the road that we are on.

Whether the executives of Disney or ABC knew what they were doing or not, their timing could not have been better, or at least for me anyway. So to them I say Thank You. My family did watch the movie in its entirety, uncut and commercial free today to catch what we missed last night. I certainly hope that Prince Caspian is as good a flick. I guess we will find out soon enough. Until then remember to keep your eyes open.

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