Monday, February 25, 2008

story time

Did you ever have one of those times where you thought you where living in a fairy tale?

I know kids who have thought that they were Cinderella without Prince Charming, being over-worked by their parents and step-parents.

I myself have also been known to lay down for a quick nap in total daylight, only to wake up in complete darkness, feeling a little like Rip VanWinkle.

I also can relate to the story of Rupelstiltskein. I am not always good with names and am often glad that my first born doesn't depend on coming up with someone's name.

More recently, however I have spent time walking to work and I keep finding myself muttering the words "Are you my mother?".

See the town that we live in is redoing the city water system and there are all these cranes and other large construction equipment all over the place. I keep waiting to get scooped up and dropped at my destination. Either that or I will fall into one of the holes that they have dug and no one will notice and I will get buried alive live like in that Edgar Allen Poe story.

Either way, I get to feel like I am in a story of some kind. I prefer "Are You My Mother" to the Edgar Allen Poe Tale though.

The water project should be done by April 1. I find that a funny date for this large project to be competed but I certainly hope that they are on time. This is one time that I don't want to hear the words "April Fools".

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