Monday, January 14, 2008


I think everyone is happy with their lodging. We have a very nice room, just like last year only minus the big spider (fido) and so far no other bugs either. And our bonus this year is we actually have wireless internet right in our room.

Not everyone was as lucky as us. Luz was initially lodged at Val's hostel. It turns our that Vals put her in a Co-Ed room with 3 other members from our team. A young man, a mature couple, and herself. She didn't feel comfortable staying there so the first night I told her that I would help her to find another room either at the bonefish (our hotel) or at the Chaleanor where the rest of the team is. Let me explain that Luz is a Philipino woman who looks approximately 12. Being the mother that I am I felt obligated to help her to find all that she needed.

I made arrangements for her to tough it out one night and then first thing in the morning Kathy and I began trying to find room for her with someone at the Chaleanor.

We ended up with her in a room at the Bonefish. I later that day found out that she is 43-years-old, has a 20-year-old son as well as a 15 and a 16 year-old son. I have decided that I like Luz but am no longer mothering someone who is older than I am.

Who am I kidding, she is really sweet and I would do it all again if asked.


Jojo said...

You are too sweet and would take care of anyone who needed it. So, now to take care of you. I have misplaced your airline information. Call me from Houston (or call Todd if you don't have my number) and let me know the airline info so we pick you up at the right time. Otherwise, I'll do some sleuthing and figure it out. -- Jojo

Dawgdays said...

As my wife is fond of saying, "Asians age well, to a point. Then the turn into prunes."