Saturday, January 26, 2008

0-dark hundred

I am not a morning person. Im not even a mid-morning person. So when our exchange student said her flight home was at 8:00am and that she needed to be there early to change her old ticket I was less than thrilled. This meant that we would have to leave our house at 4:30am.

Ok, its whats needed to be done so I set my alarm. Each of the girls set their alarms as well. I don't know about you but usually when I have to get up early I don't sleep well. Im afraid that I will miss the alarm or from the anticipation of the excitement of the event, either way the night before is usually not a restful night.

All of our alarms went off between 3:45 and 4. I know cause I heard them all. I got up at 4 thinking that the girls were getting up. I got ready to go, then went to check on the girls. 4:15, Yeah, still in bed. Miraculously we still made it out of the house by 4:40.

Anyway, United wouldn't issue her new tickets. They told her that she needed to do that in Seattle. The first leg of her flight was on Horizon (they were very helpful) so the guy at the United desk told her to check in at the gate in Seattle and they would issue her her tickets then. I hope she doesn't have any problems.

I watched her go through security but then was no longer able to see her gate. I was tired and bored as I had forgotten my book. I did wait to hear boarding called for her flight and then waited to see a Horizon flight go by the window. I figure now she is technically no longer my responsibility.

Started out in the dark, fueled everyone with coffee, bought juice for all at the airport, made frequent stops at the bathroom and got home at daylight and took a nap.

Life can now get back to normal.

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