Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good Morning

Ok we survived the night. Some of us are happier than others to be up and able to shower, some of us had to be told to do so. We have checked the flight and so far it is on time. We shall continue to pray that it stays that way.

Last night actually provided us with an opportunity to mingle together as a group. There is a nurse on the trip who Cece now thinks is great. while 10 of us went out to dinner, cece didnt want to go so Blythe said that Cece could hang with her. The two of them hung out, watched t.v, ordered pizza, and Cece played computer games. I came back from dinner and found out that Blythe was "cool". For Cece it was much better than going and hanging out with a bunch of adults and for me it was way more relaxing. Thank you Blythe. It was the best for all of us.

The briefing was also good last night. We found out that there are 4 classes of people; the locals, the Menonites, a group (I cant remember their name) that was brought over as slaves, and the Mayans. I found it interesting that the slaves were actually higher up in the class standing than the Mayans who are basically locals in my mind. We also found out that the local doctors their are Cubans who instead of driving cab in Cuba and making $200/month come to Belize to practice medicine for $500/month. Its a very interesting system. They get that amount of money no matter if they see one patient or 100. It all seems so weird. I guess that's why they call it foreign.

Thanks to all of you that are keeping us in your prayers, today we definitely need them. Keep 'em coming.

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