Wednesday, January 31, 2007

back to normal

Ok life is getting back to normal.
Its boring but its normal.

I am finally getting caught up on my typing, YEAH!!! I am now only 1 day behind instead of 10. wohoo!!

It gets better, I went to weight watchers after spending 10 days away. If youve been following this you know that 7 of those days were spent in Belize eating my new favorite food, Fried jacks. I think it is safe to say that I was not really paying attention to watching what I was eating. Hey, I was there to experience Belize. Anyway, I really did not want to go weigh in but knew that it was necessary so I trudged to Dillon. Let me tell you, sign me up for chicken, beans, and rice any time. I was down weight!! That never happens when I go on vacation. But hey Im not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Ill just take it and say "thank you" and "Pass the jacks, please".

Some other things have not been so normal either. They have just been plain exciting. Like its calving season again. I love baby cows. They are so cute. I love to drive by the fields and see the little ones playing, running, and jumping. They are just so CUTE. I love baby cows. I hope our friends have a bum one soon so we can go and help bottle feed it. Did I mention I love baby cows.

The church also has had some not so normal things happening. Our new bell tower was put up today. It is so cool to see the bell tower up on the church again. I had forgotten how much I missed seeing that cross way up high. It will be good to finally get to hear the bell again too. Maybe I wont be late to church anymore. Don't count on it though Rev, but I will try.

I guess when you sum it all up, it is good to be back to normal, even if normal is a little bit boring on most days.

I will admit that there has been a degree of excitement here in our house. The church got the beginnings of the bell tower put back


Dawgdays said...

So, have you made jacks yet?

The Lovely Wife said...

yep, twice!!!