Monday, January 22, 2007

Airport HELL

Ok some might say that we were supposed to be in Dallas for a reason. I choose to disagree. Blythe thinks that maybe we were not supposse to leave Belize. But for whatever reason we went through Hell again coming home into Dallas.

If you remember right, on the way to Belize, we got stuck over night in Dallas due to an ice storm and were late getting to Belize by one day.

On the way back we got on our plane (an old 757) in Dallas, thought we were ready to take off only to find out that there was a problem with the hydraulic brakes. Rev said no big deal, "you don't need brakes to fly". I like to think that he made that comment because he was as anxious to have me home as I was to be home but I really think he was probably just being a smart ass. Either way, they made us get off the plane while they found us a new plane.

Thats when the next problem came in. We were in concourse D. Our new plane was in concourse A. We all left for to get on the train. At least I didn't have to worry about getting lost. Its hard to get lost when you are following a plane full of people. We got on the train got 2 stops from our new gate and were told that we all needed to get off the train as this train was now out-of-service. HELLO!!! would it have killed 'em to go 2 more stops. I think not. So we were all packed in like sardines into the train, visions of the L in Chicago at rush hour come rushing back to me, I have nothing to hang on to and am trying to keep my balance. Cece has linked arms with Blythe and May who have a grip on a pole and my cell phone rings with my husband asking if I know where my ski gloves are. Remember I have just been in a tropical climate where I have been more concerned about my swimsuit than my ski equipment. I have absolutely no idea where they are at this point. Not to mention that it is getting late and I am getting rummy ok maybe punchy would be a better term since the rum was in my suitcase.

We finally arrive at our new gate only to find out that we are on another old 757. UGH!!! We get boarded and everyone is ready to leave and the pilot says "Well ladies and gentlemen Im having a little dejavu here..........big pause..........all except the hydraulic problem" .

Well at least we have a pilot with a sense of humor. Just get me home. Hope those od our team that were flying Continental had a better flight. Though Cece thought the movie was good.

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