Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Ok before I came to Belize I thought that I was addicted to diet pepsi. I still am craving a diet pepsi. All they have down here is Coke, Fanta, and Belikin beer. Coke light is not bad but it just isnt the same thing. I have been drinking a lot of water, bottled of course, no fanta, and limited beer. I have been drinking a lot of pineapple juice as well as orange juice. You just cant beat it when it is fresh squeezed. Even Cece liked the orange juice and she never drinks orange juice.

Cece's addiction before we came her was to milk. To be specific 1% or skim. I have found some milk here that is pasturized but it is whole milk. Needless to say she is not to happy with that and has been promised a shake first thing when we get to the states.

Meanwhile we have developed new addictions. At breakfast today Cece, May, and myself decided that we could be seriously addicted to "Jack's". Jacks are a breakfast pastry very similar to an elephant ear but without the cinamon and sugar on them. They are about 3x4 in size and come with jam and sugar and are an absolute delight. Not to mention that they are served with everything. Yesterday I had 4 of them with a ham and cheese omelet. Today I had them with my eggs-over-easy. May skipped breakfast on Tuesday and had been craving them all day so this morning that of course was what she ordered with her scrambled eggs and beans. Immediately when we were done eating we declared our new addiction and Dr. Tony just laughed. Jill informed us that they were just like elephant ears. But Im sorry where we come from we only get elephant ears at fair time and definitely not for breakfast. I like Jacks for breakfast. MMMMmmm good eating. And no I dont know how many points they are nor do I care.

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Jane Ellen+ said...

Gram always said food eaten at church had no calories, no points. It didn't count. that's how she could do Weight Watchers and still support pancake breakfasts, spaghetti suppers, etc.

Isn't food consumed on a mission trip like that, too?