Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Nightmares and Hamburger

When I was a kid I used to have nightmares about the boogey man. It probably comes from my brother tormenting me as a kid. At least I like to blame him. Anyway it was always the same dream over and over. I grew up and that dream went away. I am now dreaming about raw hamburger. I know that sounds disgusting and trust me try dreaming it--it is disgusting. There is nothing cool about 40lb of lean ground beef that need to be browned or made into meatballs. Making meatballs with one or two pounds of hamburger is one thing but 40lbs is a whole other story. Rev ref says that when I get adjusted to this new job the dreams will go away. All I can say is I hope I get adjusted soon.

Did I mention that the hamburger in my dreams is speaking to me? yeah, only I can't understand a word it is saying cause it is talking in some foreign tongue. Might be cause the other employee in the kitchen only speaks Spanish. The head cook speaks a very little bit of Spanish and I speak even less. The head cook by the way gets off at 1:30 and myself and the other employee are there until 2:00-2:30. It has been quite the challenge to communicate to her that last hour of my shift. It is no wonder that I come home brain dead. I can only hope that I will learn a little Spanish out of this and that she will learn a whole lot of English.

Ok, I think this week I did figure out one thing: I am glad I am not a school nurse. No offense to school nurses everywhere. Heaven knows growing up I loved our school nurse. However here in Montana all of the teachers are trained in First Aid by the Red Cross. So those that get injuries in the classrooms or on the playground are assessed by the teachers. The kids that need ice packs come to the kitchen to get an ice pack. They generally have been assessed already by a teacher and really are only coming to get the ice pack to make them feel better. I have yet to see a kid with an actual injury. Some redness, some little scratches. I would not want to triage that day in and day out.

Alright so we are trying to look at this as a learning experience. We have learned:1. we don't know Spanish. 2. It is hard to communicate with those who don't speak the language that I do know. 3. We have learned that we do not wish to grow up to be a school nurse. And lastly we have learned that 4.we DO NOT LIKE DEALING WITH 40lb OF HAMBURGER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT SPEAKING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE. I think I can deal with the first three but that fourth ones really got me worried. moooooo

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