Thursday, June 16, 2005

work, work, and more work

Ok here's the deal, I went on vacation for 9 working days. Considering I'm self employed and work on a contract basis this was a little frightening. But hey, you only get see friends graduate once right?! So I came back and went to start picking up my tapes at the doctor's office that I do transcription for and surprise, the person who was gonna cover for me while I was gone was unable to keep up so I have 12 tapes to get done, ASAP!!!

But hey, as the RevRef is found of saying it's money--yeah he's not the one getting carpal tunnel just looking at the envelopes. On the other hand it does keep me out of The Child and The Friend's hair. I guess there are some bonuses. That and the humor I get to listen to isn't too bad either. Like today some guy with a broken sterum, who is "suppose" to be restricting his activity, thought he was doing pretty well. He had given up riding horses and doing any pulling or pushing. He did confess though to still riding his 4-wheeler. He was however, doing it slower. There are times when one just has to laugh out loud at what people consider restriction of activity.

"Doc it hurt's when I do this" said the patient. "Then don't do that", said the doctor, is good advice. If it hurts to drive the 4-wheeler fast but doesn't to go slow then what the heck.

Enjoy life and remember to find the humor in it.

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