Friday, April 08, 2005

Spring has Sprung

Every place I have ever lived in has always had a way to tell that Spring has arrived and Montana is no different. Even though we are having rain, snow, and sunshine you can still tell that Spring is most definitely right here.

When I lived in Wenatchee, Washington (apple capital of the world) you knew Spring had arrived by the cherry blossoms and the other fruit trees that were starting to bloom. In other parts of Washington it was the tulips and daffodils poking their heads up through the hard earth to fill the world with color.

In Chicago we knew Spring was on it's way when the wind coming off of lake Michigan got a few degrees warmer and the trees began to bud as did the lovely sping flowers. Chicago is an area that is full of color in the Spring (and of course in the fall).

Montana has a unique way of showing us that Spring is here, it's called "calving". Where there was just a ranch full of cows you now drive past a pasture full of cattle with their young. They are soooo CUTE. They jump and run to keep up with the big cows and are just so adorable. I always kinda feel sorry for the poor little calves. Who decided that it would be a good way to come into the world by being dropped from nice warm spot onto the hard, frozen earth. I mean lets face it, the world is cruel enough do we have to experience it from birth?

Anyway. I just love the little cows.
I love all babies: kittens, puppies, goats, sheep, chicks, cows, and of course people. There is just something about the innocence of a baby. I am fortunate that my child at the age of 11 1/2 still has some of that innocence. She still believes in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause even though all of her classmates are in awe that she hasn't figured it out yet. When you look into a babies eyes you see that they know they are happy just to love and be loved in return.

They struggle but they keep going. Every seen a little one try to learn to walk. They never give up. Adults however give up. In fact we probably give up too easily. We worry about doing it wrong the first time, about humiliation, about what others will think. We get so fixed on the superficial that we forget about what it means to go through the process and actually achieve. Remember when you were little and you tried and tried to write your name. You didn't give up. Remember how it felt when you actually got it right? Pride and power are a couple of the feelings that come to mind for me. I was so proud of myself. But I also felt empowered. I now could write anything. Or so I thought.

I wish I had a little more of that child-like innocence leftover from my childhood in me now. I am jealous of babies and their innocence and tenacity. Why do we have to give up to grow up.

Maybe this Spring, instead of watching the flowers bloom, I can watch the baby cows and try to reclaim a little of my childhood again.


p.s. if a cow laughs does milk come out it's nose?


Dawgdays said...


Reverend Ref + said...

You may watch the baby cows frolic in the sunshine, but you must be in the passenger seat.

Love ya,

JR said...

I have recently realized how precious youth is my dear old friend! Pal is almost 10. Where did the time go? This spring I am working on True Grace.

Jane Ellen+ said...

Sorry, Ref; if I had to be in the passenger seat, I'd never get to watch anything frolic.

So yes, sis, you can be driving-- just pull over and watch for a while. (^_^)

Tripp said...


Valerie Dykstra said...

MOOOOOOO. This is my first time by. I enjoyed your blog; it's both poetic and funny. Thanks.

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