Friday, January 07, 2005

more snow

Good news: last night we got about another 1-2 inches of new snow, hopefully that nasty rock will now be covered and won't be a problem when I run. We are suppose to get snow all weekend. The child is thrilled and well, truthfully so am I. I don't really like to drive in it but I do love to run it and I also love to down hill ski.

The snow we get here is so dry and powdery it is unbelievable. We wont be making any snowmen but we could be having a heck of a lot of fun on the mountain. Now all I gotta do is get my knee healed up and find someone with a 4-wheel vehicle to go skiing with or talk the Rev into driving us and sitting in the lodge. He would make such a cute ski-bunny. If he learned how to master the lap top he could even do his work from the mountain. Oooh I might have to look into that one.

Maybe we could make it a weekend retreat and stay in one of the resorts and he could still work by day while the child and I skied and then by night we could all have fun in the resort's pool or other luxuries. This is sounding promising. He might even get some inspiration for his sermons being on top of the mountain. Who knows it worked for Moses. You can't tell me that God didn't speak to Moses up there on top of that mountain. Rev is a little more eloquent a speaker than Moses, I mean heck, Moses needed Aaron. Think what Rev could do with what he could hear on top of a mountain.

Honey if your reading this you might want to take all of this into consideration. You could use it as a "spiritual retreat time". Meanwhile I will keep looking for that ski partner with the 4-wheel drive vehicle.


Jane Ellen+ said...

I gotta tell you that I'm with the Ref. on this one-- that's always looked like a prime way to break a bone to me, and I've done that plenty.

Tell you what: We can bring the family out in the truck, and you all can go play in the snow, while we sit in front of the fire and sermonize or something-- and we'll have hot chocolate waiting for you when you get back. Deal?

The Lovely Wife said...

Sounds good to me Jane. I get to ski and have hot chocolate waiting for me what more could a girl ask for.