Saturday, January 15, 2005

England vs Mexico

Ok here's the deal. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to travel. Travel anywhere. But more specifically abroad. England, Ireland, Scottland, France, Germany, Italy, etc...

So when a friend of ours spent one quarter during seminary studing in England I was truly jealous. When my family looked at the pictures even my daughter seemed interested. So we made a deal that when the child turned 13, Heather and I would take the child to England. Heather would be our tour guide and it would be a "girls trip only". The child and I were both excited. UNTIL.....

The child came home from school the other day and deflated my wonderful little balloon. "Mom do you know were I would really rather go when I turn 13?" Do I even want to ask? But ask I did. "I want to go to Mexico and explore the Aztec ruins and climb the pyramids." YOU WHAT? WHY? Does this actually sound like a girl's trip?

So recently I have asked people where would you rather go, England or Mexico? 99% of the people that I have spoken with would rather go to England unless they are given the opportunity to just sit on the beach with a pitcher of margaritas, chips, salsa, and guacamole. Now it is true that most of the people that I have asked have been adults, hence the margaritas, not 11 year-old little girls.

But then I think ok if this is suppose to be a bonding trip. Shouldn't we pick somewhere we will both enjoy. Or should I just go with her somewhere she will enjoy. Oh the dilemea. Actually if it's done right no matter where we go our relationship should end up stronger for it. And since that is what it is all about I guess I should focus on that aspect. Hhmm. Wonder where we will end up. England vs. Mexico. Guess I better start getting some travel brochures. Seeing how I've never been to either I should consider myself blessed to be able to travel and be happy that my child wants me to be her companion on such a trip. I guess when you look at it that way it doesnt really matter where we go. Anybody got a sombrero I can borrow?


Reverend Ref + said...

Mexico in the winter might be a good thing. And I think I've got a few hats you might be able to borrow.

Anonymous said...

Winter: Yep, definitely Mexico. But don't drink the water...

But England is fabulous. And I'm definitely still willing to be the tour guide... (Not so much for Aztec ruins...haven't done that before)

Just let me know what you decide!

Barbara said...

Maybe my perspective is a bit odd, but... how about Spain? Old World + Hispanic heritage?

Maybe not. And your daughter probably is right on track with what she would really most enjoy. Errr... Back to your regularly scheduled blogging!

Barbara at Effervescence

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Mexico City to study Spanish this summer. Maybe Heather and I can be your companions if you take the kid to Mexico. I'll be fluent by then, and probably employed.


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