Thursday, September 23, 2004


ok Im trying not to whine. But I have shinsplints and they hurt! Though all of the literature I have read says that I should not whine cause that's not going to help, however I am ticked. I have been doing 5miles a day and accidentally wore the old shoes and went on a steeper course than normal and now I am paying the price. I want to run! It is the one thing that helps to deal with the aggravation of my job. There is nothing like pounding the pavement, getting hot, sweaty, and exhausted that helps me to forget, or at least not be angry, about my job. Meanwhile I am suppose to work with my job sharing partner today on my schedule. Hope all goes well cause I dont know what I am going to do with my aggravation if it doesnt.


Dawgdays said...

You could take it out on RevRef's varmint.

Deb said...

Sorry about the shin splints. I've been there. And, I completely understand your desire to run. It really helps keep me sane sometimes. I hope your back up to speed soon.

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